Three high risk factors for kidneys that we should watch out

2017-09-20 18:00

Three high risk factors for kidneys that we should watch out

Today, risk factors can be foreseen with the development of the technology and changes of time. For example, we can know earth quake dozens seconds earlier, and foresee typhoon from weather forecast. Do you know when your kidney will in danger? If I am right, you will say kidney failure and uremia. But in this stage, we have to use dialysis and kidney transplant to continue our life.

The following three factors will endanger your kidneys, remember that and avoid them as much as you can.

Long term high blood pressure. To all kidney patients, high blood pressure is a top level enemy. It can worse kidney, exacerbate kidney disease and develop into kidney failure or even uremia very soon. Then, it can lead damage to heart and brain blood vessels. We use damage is because these are damage, the irreversible type. So, patients have to pay attention to your blood pressure. Once find it, follow your doctor’s direction and control them with medicine. For kidney patients, treating high blood pressure is treating kidney failure.

Acute kidney failure with oliguric stage. This stage, the characteristic is urine reducing and patients start to suffer from water, electrolyte balance disorder, it is a high risk stage. Olilguric stage has symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, mood swing, fatigue, dizzy and pass out. In this stage, patients may have high blood pressure or liver edema and heart failure.

Thrombus in nephritic syndrome. This often occur in severe kind of nephritic syndrome. But once it occur, you are in danger, or, you may die of it.

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