Can Protein Urine 2+ in Kidney Failure Stage Be Elevated With Natural Treatment

2017-10-01 11:02

Can Protein Urine 2+ in Kidney Failure Stage Be Elevated With Natural Treatment
Protein urine, also called as albuminuria. In some case, protein urine can cause anemia which makes kidney disease more complex to treat.

People have brief knowledge about kidney disease attach the importance to foamy urine. They know that foamy urine means kidney damage and will cause serious conditions. Protein urine is caused by lesion in tubules which functioning in reabsorb water in kidneys and protecting blood and protein leaking into urine. When it get damaged, it will cause protein leak into urine. When protein in urine increased, your urine looks foamy. When in this stage, we have to control our diet, avoid food with too much fat. Protein in urine will also lead to swelling, so controlling salt ingestion is of great importance.

Patients with protein urine often suggested with steroid based medicine. It is a kind of treatment used widely in western treatment to prevent the progression of protein urine and control the kidney condition. Though it is effective, side-effect is there. Long term using this medicine will cause drug resistance and addiction, when effect reduced, dosage have to increase.

Patients with kidney disease and have complications like protein urine all want to avoid steroid based medicine and find alternatives in natural treatment.

There is a natural treatment can help. It is Toxin-Removing Therapy in China. This treatment can help repair lesion tubules, improve kidney condition, elevate reabsorb function. There is no side-effect in treating protein urine. The best superior effect is treating protein urine without relapse.

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