How to Treat Nephritis with Natural Treatment

2017-10-25 14:42

How to Treat Nephritis with Natural Treatment Nephritis is a widely occurred disease. It has a high risk of developing into kidney failure stage. What treatment can help prevent nephritis stepping into kidney failure stage? Can natural treatment achieve that?

What is nephritis?

Nephritis is a common kidney disease that leads to lesion in tublet and lead to inflammation in kidney tissue. This kind of disease has a high risk of getting into kidney failure stage. Due to its characteristic, there is no sign in early stage, especially for patients with a low immune system and often suffer from cold. This will make patient confused about their condition, misunderstanding early signs of nephritis as common symptoms of chronic nephritis. Thus making diagnose is often made in advanced stage.

What should patient do?

Patient has to keep a regular diet and living habit to prevent further damage. And, if diagnosed in early stage, some effective medicines can help you control this disease from progression. Attention to your dosage, and, if you feel better than before, talking to your doctor and then deciding to reduce medicine or not.

Which treatment is effective in treating advanced nephritis?

There is a natural treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. This treatment is now widely used in treating chronic kidney disease in China, especially in treating complications such as edema, protein in urine, and blood in urine. This treatment can help patient rebuild kidney function, repair lesion renal tissue, dilate blood vessel, and it can also improve kidney’s filtration rate to eliminate toxins in blood vessel.

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