Treatment Misunderstanding of Lupus Nephritis

2018-05-09 16:34

Treatment Misunderstanding of Lupus NephritisSince lupus is an autoimmune disease, the main medication problem is in immunosuppressants.

Because it is a very complex disease. The more complex it is, the more likely it is to make mistakes. If you are Lupus Nephritis patients, you must be familiar with cyclophosphamide.

Cyclophosphamide is commonly used for Lupus Nephritis treatment, but is it the best treatment?

Of course not.

First of all, it can inhibit the gonads and causes cancer. Lupus usually occurs in young women, so it is less safe than mycophenolate.

Second, people tend to use “steroid + cyclophosphamide” to treat lupus nephritis, but recent research suggests that “steroid + azathioprine” may be a better solution.

Finally, when the disease goes into stage 4, it is very likely for you to get infections. It is not appropriate to use the medication according to the kidney condition. At this time, immunosuppressants such as cyclophosphamide should be reduced to a minimum dose and the treatment should be dominated by Chinese medicine.

Even with cyclophosphamide, many of you are using it incorrectly.

-Type 1 and type 2 lupus nephritis does not need immunosuppressants.

-Type 4 lupus nephritis should be treated with kidney disease, for example, it is important to control blood pressure.

-As to type 5 lupus nephritis, someone uses steroid every alternative day. That is wrong. There is about 80% of possibility to make your disease worse.

Since Lupus Nephritis is more common in women of childbearing age, we have to talk about the pregnancy.

It is very common for patients to find lupus nephritis when they are pregnant. If so, you may be confusing about whether you should give birth to a child or not.

Under what condition can you give a birth?

-Kidney function does not decrease.

-Proteinuria has turned negative for over a year.

-Blood pressure is controlled stable.

If you can meet the above three conditions, you can get pregnant, but it is important to note that the mycophenolate mofetil should be replaced with azathioprine on half a year before you are pregnant. Besides, to stop ACRI or ARBs and try calcium channel blockers.

Some patients may worry that medications may affect their fetus. But if you stop the medications, the risks are much more. It may trigger the relapse of disease or even impair your renal function. For more information on Lupus nephritis treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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