Maikang Mixture and Kidney Disease

Maikang Mixture and Kidney Disease

What is Maikang Mixture?

Maikang Mixture is also known as Maikang Composition, it is a featured Chinese patent medicine which refers to oral liquid for kidney disease treatment. It is a adjuvant therapy which is used to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulating during the treatment of kidney disease. It has showed great curative effects in treating the disease, so more and ore patients have an interest in this unique remedy.

What are the ingredients in Maikang Mixture?

There are many active ingredients in maikang mixture, such as auricularian, chrysanthemun, loofah sponge, 16 kinds of amino acids, active enzyme, polypeptide adenosine, 6 kinds of vitamin and 10 kinds of trace elements, and so on. These substances contribute to improving the circulation of blood in body. What are the functions of taking Maikang Mixture for kidney disease patients?

What are the functions of taking Maikang Mixture for kidney disease patients?

After taking Maikang Mixture for several days, your illness condition can be improved greatly, because it can function well in following ways: reducing blood fat, improving blood circulation, anti-aging, anti-thrombosis, strengthening immune system and promoting the synthesis of serum proteins and nucleic acids, anti-inflammation, and so on.

Taking Maikang Mixture can lower high blood pressure, which can protect kidneys from further damage.

Taking Maikang Mixture can also lower the side effects induced by using hormone therapy, such as Hyperglycemia, hyperlidemia, atherosclerosis.

In addition, taking Maikang Mixture can also help patients purify blood and keep vascular smooth, which can help make a good prognosis to kidney failure patients.

How to take the Maikang Mixture Daily for kidney patients?

Take orally, 40 ml each time and 2 times a day, fasting morning and evening take. If needed, the doctor will change the does according to patient's condition, but the patients are not supposed to increase or decrease the dosage by themselves.

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