Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure

Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure

We take bath every day, right? But how to improve your kidney condition by such a daily performance? In this article, let's take a look at Medicated Bath, a very helpful therapy for kidney disease and kidney failure.

What is Medicated Bath?

It is to take a bath in the diluted medicinal soup with diffusing function. By full immersion for sufficient time, active ingredients of medicine can permeate into meridians and channels via your skin into organs including kidneys to help them recover, and skin pores and bladder will open to excrete waste products so as to make a clean internal environment for kidney self-healing.

Short-term effect of Medicated Bath for kidney patients

-Steadily weight reduction

-Increased resistance to disease

-Join pain alleviation

-Sound sleep at night

-Good appetite

-Warm hands and feet


-Eliminate swelling

-Skin becomes red, fine and smooth

-Skin itching disappears.

Directions for usage of Medicated Bath

1. To boil the herbs in water for about 5,000ml

2. To immerse your whole body into water, whose temperature is within 35℃-40℃, adjusting it according to your condition, for about 40-90 minutes.

Note: Its effect will be better if massage is added during Medicated Bath. And 7 days' treatment is a small course, whereas 49 days' treatment is a big course.

How to achieve a better effect for kidney patients?

Medicated Bath is similar to Foot Bath, which can be only used as an adjuvant therapy. If you want to treat your kidney disease or kidney failure well, other treatment is needed. In our hospital, it is often used together with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Navel Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Moxibustion, etc. Now you can talk with our online doctor about your condition and get more guidance on treatment.


-When you are very hungry or full or tired, Medicated Bath is not advisable.

-If dizziness occurs during Medicated Bath, stop it.

-When skin allergy is caused by Medicated bath, stop it immediately.

-Have a good rest for about 2 hours after taking such a bath.

-After it, prevent catching a cold or eating cold food.

-It is prohibited for patients with high blood pressure, high fever, skin wound, severe heart disease, etc.

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