How to Negative Protein Urine 3+ in IgA Nephropathy with Natural Treatment

2017-09-24 11:44

How to Negative Protein Urine 3+ in IgA Nephropathy with Natural Treatment

IgA nephropathy is a common disease in chronic kidney disease, not so danger as hypertensive or diabetic nephropathy, but also possible to develop into kidney failure stage if lack of controlling.

What should we do if suffer from protein urine 3+ in IgA Nephropathy?

As a patient, we have to take medicine as doctor suggested, and never change dosage or frequency. Then, control your diet and keep a low salt and sugar diet, as well as control protein ingestion with low protein with high quality. When we diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, we have to insist a good living habit, do not stay up late, if possible, stop smoking, drinking wine and other bad habit. What’s more, pay attention to drug abuse, which will burden your kidneys.

What treatment is effective to IgA Nephropathy?

If you start with steroid based medicine and it controls your protein well, just insist it. You may afraid of the side-effect, yes, side-effect is irritate, especially weight gain, mood swing, and even memory problem. But we should not change treatment so frequent, because too much medicine be used in your condition will exacerbate kidneys and weak the treatment effect.

If your treatment is not so effective, we suggest you Toxin-Removing Therapy in China. It is a natural treatment that using herbal medicine to improve kidney condition and release the complication of nephropathy.

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