Why Protein Urine Is Negative, But Edema Still Relapse

2017-10-02 15:03

Why Protein Urine Is Negative, But Edema Still Relapse
Kidney patients all know that edema will appear with protein in urine. But, they are puzzled why protein urine is negative and swelling still occurs sometimes.

Actually, besides protein in urine, there are so many causes that can lead to edema in eyelid and legs. Some edema is normal, such as when you lack of sleep, you will suffer from eyelid edema; when you sleep too much, edema will occur too. And when you are pregnant, eat too much salt, you will suffer from edema also. Listed these are very common and no need to take treatment.

And, another type is that long term anemia, malnutrients, blood vessel disorder, and heart and liver disorder, and some other problems will lead to edema. These should use medical examinations to find root causes and then, medicine should be used target in causes.

Medical diagnosis includes:

Heart need to check the ECG, myocardial enzymes, heart color Doppler ultrasound and so on.

The kidneys need to check the urine, B ultrasound, renal function.

The liver needs to check the liver function, liver and gallbladder B super.

Endocrine disease need to check the fasting blood glucose, thyroid hormone, rheumatoid factor.

Streptococcal infection and other lymphedema need to carry out diagnostic puncture tissue fluid analysis, lymphangiography, isotope lymphangiography.

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