Fail in Reducing Protein in Urine in Nephrotic Syndrome? Maybe Blood Purification Can Help

2017-10-11 17:06

Fail in Reducing Protein in Urine in Nephrotic Syndrome? Maybe Blood Purification Can Help

Well, seriously? Blood purification can be used in treating nephrotic syndrome’s complication proteinuria?really?

Actually, it is not to start dialysis. It is only using blood purification to improve the treatment effect when steroid based medicine is unsatisfactory. It’s target is refractory nephrotic syndrome.

What is refractory nephritic syndrome?

Basic medicine in treating nephritic syndrome is glococorticoid, which is also called as steroid medicine in short. There are about 60% patients can enjoy a good controlling after taking this medicine. However, there are 40% left with poor effect. Among these 40%, two complicate situations will be:

Steroid resistance: this kind of nephritic syndrome is hard to deal with. Even we use full dosage of glococorticoid, protein in urine has no change.

Steroid dependent: this kind of condition refers to that using medicine is effective, but once you reduce dosage or stop medicine, disease relapse soon.

These two types are called as refractory nephritic syndrome. For this condition, immunosuppressor will be used together with steroid based medicine. Some patients will get improved. But, if failed, it has a risk of getting into uremia.

So, blood purification will be used to improve kidney condition and control protein urine. It can also prevent it from developing into uremia.

Blood purification can clean some unnecessary protein in your blood to improve steroid based medicine’s effect. It is not like dialysis in kidney failure stage which once starts will never stop, it is a temporary treatment that used as supplement to reduce the possibility of getting kidney failure.

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