How to Reduce Protein Urine and Blood Occult? These Two Are Necessary

2017-07-30 16:03

How to Reduce Protein Urine and Blood Occult? These Two Are Necessary

Have you experience this? Every time you are worried in waiting result, and pay much attention to the albumin and occult blood because these two can reflect the renal condition and prognosis.

It is important, yes. While in renal disease, a complicated diseases, choosing standard treatment and cooperate with doctors to control albumin and occult blood is more necessary.

Actually, there are two things we have to pay attention to:


The key point to control protein urine and occult blood is to stop the renal fibrosis and to suppress the inflammation. So, it is necessary to cooperate with doctors, follow their directions, do recheck.

During treatment, most patients can not avoid steroid medicine. we have to know that, steroid medicine has side-effect, but it does have effect in controlling protein in urine and occult blood.

Medicine like Plymouth and Chastain can help reduce protein in urine, besides, Prednisone, prednisone, methylprednisolone can also help control protein in urine.

If you think steroid medicine has strong side-effect, you can choose Chinese Medicine which has same effect but no side-effect in treating protein urine.

No matter which treatment you choose, you should have faith on it.


Lifestyle can affect the renal diseases and albumin and occult blood in urine, such as over work and infection. If body are under pressure, renal metabolize will get pressed, then leading filter and reabsorb ability reduced, results in protein urine and occult blood.

The clear message is that over work will lead the protein urine relapse. So, pay attention and avoid your renal condition relapse. Keep a regular examination is of great importance.

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