How Does Your Hospital Treat Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-08-29 18:04

I have severe protein leakage. Also I am a Nephrotic Syndrome patient. I have tried many medicnies but there is no good result. Can you help me?

Yes, please do not worry. Our hospital will help you. How long have you been with Nephrotic Syndrome?

It is for 3 years.

What treatment are you taking now?

My doctor prescribes me some ACEI and ARBs medicines to manage my blood pressure and proteinuria as well.

How long do you take these medicines? What is the result?

I have taken these medicines for over one year but my condition is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I am upset. Please help me to treat my disease from the root.

Yes, your medicines only control symptoms not the disease itself. The root cause of protein leakage is injured glomeruli which fail to prevent protein from leaking into your urine. If you want to stop protein leakage, you need to repair injured glomeruli and improve your renal function.

How to repair my injured glomeruli?

It is a series of Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Moxibustion Therap7y and Steaming Therapy, etc. They first cleanse your blood and then restore injured kidney tissues.

I have not heard of these remedies. Where are they?

They are only available in China so they are new to you. But more and more patients begin to know them and come to our hospital for treatment.

Do you have any successful case?

Yes of course, a 27-year-old Nephrotic Syndrome patient came to our hospital for treatment. Before our treatment, he had severe swelling and serious protein leakage. After a period of treatment, swelling vanished and 24h urine protein was reduced to 0.33g from 6.64g. His condition was stable.

How Does Your Hospital Treat Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome
How Does Your Hospital Treat Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome

That is really good. I want to try your remedies.

If you want to come, you can leave your full name, age, gender, contact information like email, whatapp or phone number below so that I can contact you for detail.

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