How Does Even Nephrotic Syndrome Go Away

2017-09-14 17:54

How Does Even Nephrotic Syndrome Go AwayHi, my daughter has Nephrotic Syndrome and I want to know how does that ever go away.

Does she have swelling or protein in urine?

Only when she relapse, she has swelling or protein in urine.

Is she taking any treatment now?

She sees her doctor once a month. She is on prednisone, cellcept and Prograf.

When was she diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome?

She was diagnosed in June 2013. I am pretty sure and she has like sometimes 1 relapse in a month sometimes 2. she is on cellcept prograf and lisionpril.

Ok I see. Nephrotic Syndrome relapses easily due to a little carelessness. Refractory swelling and proteinuria are two common characteristics. The relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome includes two reasons:

The most cause of protein leakage is inflammatory reaction caused by immune complexes. Though steroids can inhibit the inflammatory reaction effectively, they can not remove immune complexes. When steroid dosage is reduced, immune complexes will lead to another inflammatory reaction. Therefore, cleansing immune complexes is one of the key points in Nephrotic Syndrome treatment.

In addition, steroid is secreted by adrenal gland. Due to the lesion in kidneys, adrenal gland will secrete less steroids. In this condition, oral hormone is needed. Oral hormone can keep steroid balance temporarily. With the reduce of medicine dosage, steroid level in your body will also decline. Therefore, the second point is to rebuild adrenal gland’s secretion function.

Cleansing immune complexes and restoring adrenal gland secretion function can treat nephrotic syndrome effectively.

I understand now. I should chane my treatment option. Where can I get this treatment?

You have to come to China for systematic Chinese Medicine Treatments. It is natural and effective. No side effects occur. More and more patients have come to our hospital for treatment. Email us for details.

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