Signs of Kidney Lesion That May Lead to Kidney Nephrits and Highly Risk in Uremia

2017-10-21 17:18

Signs of Kidney Lesion That May Lead to Kidney Nephrits and Highly Risk in Uremia

Every day, your kidneys eliminate toxins, and once there is something wrong, toxins build up in your blood and body. Long time of building of toxins will lead to nephritis, without correct treatment, it is highly in risk to develop into uremia. There are some signs for you to reference, once you find them, one or all, you have to go for a physical examination.

Ankle and eyelid edema.

Kidneys functioning removing water from blood and body, when kidneys failed in removing it, edema will occur.

Turbid urine and pain in urine.

Clear or turbid urine matters in judging kidney health. When urine has much bubble and can not disappear in short times (normally 20-30 minutes), it means much protein in urine; and when urine color changes to brown, deep tea-like color, dark, or turbid, it means you have to improve your kidney’s function in filteration.

Dull yellow skin.

Once there are many toxins in your kidneys, it will affect your skin system and make your skin look dull yellow. It can also lead to livid ring around your eyes, and deep eye bags.


Kidney disease can cause toxins build up in your body, and removing extra body and against extra toxins will waste your energy, thus leading to fatigue.

Back pain.

Lesion in kidneys can lead to severe back pain. Not like caused by work, or injure of back muscle, this kind of pain will last and relapse again and again.

Once you have one of them, or several of them, go to professional hospital for further examination to ensure your kidney is good.

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