Chinese Medicines Are Effective for Minimal Change Disease

2018-01-26 23:54

Steroids are one therapy but not the only treatment for Membranous Nephropathy. Here our hospital can treat Membranous Nephropathy effectively with Chinese Medicine treatments. They are natural and have no side effects.

A patient had eye swelling. At first, he just thought that swelling was from staying up late. So he did not pay attention to. After a few days, leg swelling occurred. He went to hospital for check up and the reports showed protein 3+. The doctor told him that it is Nephrotic Syndrome. Thus, during the next over 1 year, he was given medicines for Nephrotic Syndrome. He could not stop medicines. Once he stopped medicines, his condition will relapse. Due to this condition, his doctor suggested him to take renal biopsy. The result was Minimal Change Disease. He still did not get good result. He rejected steroids.

He had to change his treatment and looked for better treatments. With the help of kidney patient, he knew our hospital and was interested in our treatments. He decided to come to our hospital for a try.

Our treatment is a systematic Chinese medicine treatment called Detoxification Therapy. The patient needs to come to China for treatment. We have no branches in other countries. It is only available in China. Chinese medicines have no harm to kidneys, no relapse and fast response. More and more patients have come to our hospital for treatment.

When the patient comes to our hospital, we first give the patient a full check up. With our advanced test technology, we find that his 24h urine protein quantity is 10.99g. After expert consultation, our doctor gives him individualized treatment plan including Steaming Therapy, Enema Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Medicated Bath and Mai Kang Mixture. After 2 weeks of our treatment, his 24h urine protein quantity is reduced to 0.08g. He is so surprised by the effects of Chinese medicines. He should have come to our hospital earlier. Anyway it is not too late now.
Chinese Medicines Are Effective for Minimal Change Disease
Chinese Medicines Are Effective for Minimal Change Disease

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