First Stop of Going Abroad Activity: Nigeria

2017-06-21 18:24

On 6th February, 2017, led by Shi Wei and Yang Minyue, our directors of hospital, six renal experts and translators carried out the Going Abroad Activity. The first stop of our journey was Nigeria. Nigeria is a oil-rich country, but its health care system is continuously faced with a shortage of doctors. After the kind invitation from Nigeria, our hospital-Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital arranged such a journey, which lasted 10 days. During this activity, a lot of patients came there for consultation.
First Stop of Going Abroad Activity: Nigeria

For example, Jewell Zamora. He is a 56 years old man, who was troubled by joint pain for about 2 months. Accompanied with his family member, he visited us. Our experts conducted acupuncture and massaged certain acupoints for him. Within 1 hour, his pain was greatly relieved. He was very excited: “This is the first time I try Chinese medicine. It is really magic.”
First Stop of Going Abroad Activity: Nigeria

This activity was thought highly by the local officials. We were warmly welcomed by the minister of Ministry of Health, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, governor of Kano State and heads of politics.
First Stop of Going Abroad Activity: Nigeria
First Stop of Going Abroad Activity: Nigeria

After this journey, our hospital arranges a series of Going out Activities to other countries. If you also want us to your country, please leave a message below or tell our online doctor. Maybe next stop will be your country.

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