What Should PKD Patients Do When in Creatinine Level 4.0

2017-06-29 14:57

What Should PKD Patients Do When in Creatinine Level 4.0

What should PKD (polycystic kidney diseasepatients) do when creatinine level is 4.0? Is that available to recover? What should patients do to improve their condition?

It is sure that creatinine level 4.0 is high in PKD. Treatment should be used immediately to prevent the development of PKD. But what should patients do? Taking some medications and keep health is the first thing for patients to do.

Keep Health

Patients with PKD should keep a good mood, exercise regularly. That can help you to strengthen your immune system and slow down the development of the PKD. Irritating food also should be controlled strictly because taking these things in a long term can cause high blood pressure, hyperkalemia, and hyponatremia. With these high-risk compliments, your life is in danger.

Medications for PKD

Renal cyst decortication is suggested by doctors, which can reduce the cyst effectively. But the side effect is that the cysts can reappear and the cysts will grow bigger than before. When in late stage, renal cyst decortication can not be used.

But the Chinese treatment is not like the renal cyst decortication, it may take effect slowly, but it has no side effect. With the using of Chinese natural herbs, the cyst will be reduced slowly. And the renal function can be improved. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other therapies such as Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Full-Bath therapies will be used in treating the Polycystic Kidney Disease according to the different stages of PKD. Different therapy has a different function, the acupuncture is aimed to promote the blood circulation system and eliminate the toxins by stab specific acupoint; the Full-Bath therapy is helping patients open their pore and eliminate the toxin through sweat.

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