What Treatment Can Slow The Process Of PKD

2017-08-04 11:09

What Treatment Can Slow The Process Of PKDMy husband’s family runs PKD 4 of 7 children now adults, have been affected and have PKD. My husband is being one. He is in his 40’s but his BUN and creatinine are still in good range. He does not have cysts on his liver and kidneys. I am looking for any information that may slow the process of PKD including diet and what herbal supplements may help.

Ok, do not worry, we can help you. Does he have any symptoms now like back pain, swelling, blood or protein in urine?

He has some back pain occasionally. He has had blood in urine, most recently about six months ago for a day. He is eating healthier and taking vitamins and fish oil as well as staying away from caffeine.

Is he on treatment now?

No he has not. He only sees his family doctor.

For his condition, our hospital suggests you an effective treatment. It is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Though PKD is genetic disease, as long as he receives effective treatment timely, he can get well. The progression trend of PKD is kidney failure. That is because cysts will become more and more, bigger and bigger. With time going on, new kidney cysts will occur. This can cause damage of kidney intrinsic cells and decline of kidney function. Thus, the key point for PKD is to shrink kidney cysts and stop the growth of new cysts. In this way, it can stop oppression to kidney tissues, and meantime, repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. Finally you can live a normal life.

Where is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Is it available in America?

No, it is only applied in China now. If your husband wants to take our treatment, he has to come to China for treatment. Our email is tsthospital@hotmail.com. Welcome to contact us freely.

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