How to Improve Protein Urine in PKD with Natural Treatment

2017-08-07 15:07

How to Improve Protein Urine in PKD

Q: My protein urine is 3+, and what does it mean?

A: Protein urine 3+ means there are many protein in your urine. In the general case, protein will be reabsorbed by tubules, and urine will contain very little protein which is in safe range. But, when your kidney is damaged, tubules lesion occur, your tubules can not reabsorb the protein as effective as before, and protein will leak into urine.

At early stage, protein in urine is very little, but beyond the safe range, in this stage, you can hardly realize there is something wrong with your kidneys, and urine as well.

Then, with the lesion and kidney damage develop, tubules can not reabsorb so effective, then, protein leak into urine, and fluids can not be protect then, your body will start to swelling, your urine will be a little foamy. In this stage, protein urine may be +-, or +.

If you ignore all these signs and take no effect, kidney and tubules condition will be worse, foamy urine becomes more obvious, and edema can occur in your legs, feet, eyelid, face. In this stage your protein urine may be ++, or +++(3+).

Q: What should we do to improve protein urine?

A: If we suffer from protein urine, we should take a positive attitude toward it.

First and most important, it is curable.

Then, keep a low salt, low sugar, low protein with high quality diet.

Third, regular exercise is often suggested.

Q: Which treatment can help to improve it? Which treatment can cure it?

Most steroid based medicine can help improve protein in urine, but once you stop medicine, there is a risk of relapse.

There is a natural treatment, Toxin-Removing Therapy, this therapy can help cure protein urine with the application of natural herbal medicine and external applications. This treatment, after many years clinic experience, will cure protein urine, edema, which is also called swelling from root and never relapse.

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