Will Nephritis Develop into Uremia? No, Only in These Condition

2017-07-31 16:29

Will Nephritis Develop into Uremia? No, Only in These Condition

Question: We all know that chronic kidney disease is irreversible. Then will nephritis develop into Uremia? How long will it develop into Uremia?

First, let’s talk about nephritis.

Nephritis is a general call of a serious nephropathy, such as acute or chronic glomeruli nephritis, nephropyelitis, Latent nephritis, HSPN, lupus nephritis. Seldom nephritis can lead to uremia. Many people may not believe that. We can see the data that there are 100million nephritis patients in China, but there are only 2 hundred thousand uremia patients. Most nephritis can not cause uremia, and only with slight urine change. It is not all nephritis patients will develop into uremia, only some patients with protein urine or patients with protein urine and blood in urine can lead to uremia.

Here we come to treatment.

During the treatment for nephritis, some patients wrongly believe that nephritis can be cured. So, they go around and want to find a magic medicine to cure it. But, the fact is that except the acute nephritis, others are incurable, and need to take medicine to control it through out the life.

So, what we can do is to use medicine to maintain the renal condition and avoid further damage. Instead of to find so called magic medicine or folk prescription to cure it.

Imagine that, when you died with kidney disease which not develop into end stage or even not develop into kidney failure stage, the renal disease is not the cause of your death. It will not affect you life long.

We have to build this point of view that treating nephritis is a long period, and seldom can cure it.

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