Swelling and Kidney Disease

Swelling and Kidney Disease

Swelling or edema can be caused by many factors. That is why many people do not realize that they get kidney disease until a lot of other symptoms present. Today let's have a discussion on swelling and kidney disease. Hope such a symptoms can attract your attention.

How does kidney disease cause swelling?

One is massive protein leakage. When mush protein goes out of body, plasma colloid osmotic pressure will decrease so that fluid in blood goes into tissue space, leading to swelling.

The other is kidney function impairment. Kidney is an organ to remove excess fluid out of body. When your kidney function declines, fluid will be retained in body, giving rise to swelling.

Treatment for swelling in kidney disease

-Conventional treatment

It is to use diuretics or water pills to expel the excess fluid out of body. If swelling is caused by proteinuria, steroids or immunosuppressants are often utilized. In short term, it is helpful, but this is only temporary medical relief.

-Our treatment for swelling

The root cause of swelling is kidney damage, so we set about repairing kidney damage and promoting kidney function. The treatment we use is Chinese medicine. On one hand, it can take advantage of your skin pores, kidney and intestinal tract to remove excess fluid out of body to help you get quick recovery from swelling. On the other hand, it can help set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing. With the improvement of kidney function, fluid can be passed out of body naturally. And then swelling will vanish.

Diet for renal patients with swelling

Diet is an important part of swelling treatment.

-If you have severe swelling and hypoproteinemia, 1g/kg protein intake per day is recommended, and over 60% of it should be high quality protein. If you have slight or moderate swelling, protein intake should be limited into 0.5-0.6 g/kg per day, meanwhile plenty of energy intake should be consumed, about 125.5-146.4 kJ/kg (30-35 kcal/kg). -If you have slight swelling and urine volume is more than 1,000 ml/d, it is unnecessary for you to over limit water intake, and sodium intake should be limited into 3g/d, not only including salt, but also food and beverage which contains sodium. If you have severe swelling and less urination, water intake should be limited to 1000ml, and salt-free food is recommended.

Swelling and kidney disease is closely associated. If you are troubled by such a symptom, you should attach importance and take treatment as early as possible. For more information on kidney disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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