Is It Possible to Stay away from Dialysis with Kidney Failure

Once your kidneys fail to work, you may have to start dialysis in the near future. But is it possible to stay away from dialysis with kidney failure? For some patients, they can, but for some others, more

Why There Is Weakness After Dialysis

Do you feel tired after dialysis? Actually this is a common complaint of dialysis patients. Why there is weakness after dialysis? And how to improve it? After reading this article, you will find out more

Good Effect of Toxin-Removing Treatment On Kidney Failure

Toxin-Removing Treatment is an unique Chinese medicine therapy in our hospital. It has good result in treating uremia. The following is a successful case in our hospital. Mr Yan suffers from uremia more

Can I Miss One Dialysis Session

Can I miss one dialysis session? Due to various reasons, you can not go for dialysis at this time, in such a case, you can miss one session, but periodically missing dialysis sessions can become a more

Medicated Foot Bath For Kidney Failure Patient

Medicated Foot Bath is one Chinese medicine therapy in our hospital. It can do some help for kidney failure. One patient feels much better after taking medicated foot bath. Follow us to see the more

What Are Chinese Herbs for Kidney Failure

Dialysis and kidney transplant are common therapies for kidney failure but they are not the only treatments. Besides dialysis and kidney transplant, you can also choose Chinese herbs for kidney more

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