Treatment Misunderstanding of Lupus Nephritis

Since lupus is an autoimmune disease, the main medication problem is in immunosuppressants. Because it is a very complex disease. The more complex it is, the more likely it is to make mistakes. If you more

Detoxification Therapy Manages Lupus Nephritis Effectively

When you suffer from kidney disease, you may take 7-8 or even more medicines to control your symptoms. It can do some help but your condition can come again because medicines you take are only for more

How Bad Is Fluid Building Up In Lung To A Lupus Nephritis Patient

I have a friend that has lupus and she is on rejection medicines and also has fluid building up in her lungs. We feel she is not telling up how bad is it. How bad is this? Fluid retention in lung is more

Proteinuria In Lupus Nephritis Is Reduced Effectively In Our Hospital

Our hospital is Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We major in kidney disease and make great breakthrough. With our unique Chinese medicine treatments, Lupus Nephritis can more

How To Get Rid Of Swelling In Lupus Nephritis

Hi I suffer from Lupus Nephritis. I have lots of swelling in face. How to get rid of it? Please help me. Do you have any symptoms like back pain, swelling, protein or blood in urine? Yes, severe pain more

Are Unique Chinese Medicine Therapies Good for Lupus Nephritis

Are Chinese medicine treatments good for lupus nephritis? Yes, they can manage lupus nephritis from the root. The following is a successful patient story. A patient suffers from over 10 years of lupus more

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